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Our Clients Testimonials Read our clients travel experiences with us You have given me an excellent experience and made me a very happy customer. Meanwhile, I turned down a few other prospects. Jay Chatterjee You truly live up to your words.

Thus, I was already familiar with the scam, when I experienced the same general ploy again, except now it was directed to me by a prospective client seeking a ghostwriter. Sapna Roy I must say am impressed like anything by your work ethics.

The scam began with a woman or at least a scamster posing as one sending me a not very well-written email saying she was looking for a writer and wanted me to review the attached document to give her a quote. She also explained that this fraud would have been discovered in about two-three weeks after the check was processed initially by a teller as a legitimate check.

Still, giving her the benefit of the doubt, I wrote back, describing my rates for travelicious writing a check or rewriting, asking what kind of editing she needed, and explaining my usual arrangements -- either a pay as you go arrangement with a credit card or a retainer in advance, such as through PayPal.

So after the check arrived, drawn on a bank that was recently acquired by another travelicious writing a check, I took it to a banker at the acquiring bank, who advised me that it was a phony check.

Congratulations Travelicious and keep up the good work! Stay worryfree, we are going to do that for you with best price. But rather than pay a deposit via PayPal or credit card, she said she would send me a check.

Writing for Travelicious, how does it work?

Ultimately, I decided not to remain in L. Thank you and wish you success. I will definitely come back to you for my next vacation and will also be directing friends and family to get your services. Milind Acharya Amazing team, amazing customer care.

The women who emailed me claimed to be looking for a certain kind of roommate, and after I wrote back with information about myself and the shared townhouse, she emailed me enthusiastically, saying that the arrangement sounded perfect.

She also wrote that she would be flying into L. We make sure you dont miss a place. Meanwhile, if you send real money, you are out of luck, especially if the scamster is in another country, as many are.

This is the phony ghostwriting client seeking information and then getting money from you if you fall for the scam. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Kind Regards, The query ended with her name, address, city, and state, plus there were two emails in the reply field.

You were the reason for me choosing your team and I will definitely spread the news. When I spoke to the Travel Consultant, she was generous enough to answer without confusing me, she had an amazing enthusiasm and energy to patiently listen to me and answer my every single question.

I will be waiting till i hear back from you. Then, she wrote that there would be more delays, but I should cash the check, hold the room for her, and send her the money for her agent.

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Your professionals were very prompt, courteous friendly and careful. But the check was mistakenly made out for too much, so she wanted me to send the difference back to a name and address to be indicated.

Not only did the woman not describe the manuscript I was being asked travelicious writing a check edit or indicate its length to determine its price, but she indicated the check was already in the mail to my address. I want to admit that I deeply appreciated your services and your assistance with my travel plans.

So that you feel it home while on the tour. Thus, I am writing this article as a warning to not only writers but to anyone else who gets an offer to get paid for work -- or any product or service -- with a check to be deposited, after which you are asked to return the difference out of what is to be paid due to some kind of mistake resulting in an overpayment.

It read like this: Thank you Travelicious, wish you guys the very best.Welcome to Travelicious Get ready for the best tour experiences. We are a tour operator with a team of highly professional individuals owing to the fact that we have inculcated years of experience and are honestly dedicated towards their profession.

We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap. Travelicious SA added 3 new photos. · February 8 · Enjoy the wonders of a beach holiday combined with a stay of 2 nights in a luxury tented camp in a tropical forest in Thailand where you will experience a once in a lifetime elephant encounter.

Writing for Travelicious. I have been (inconsistently) writing for my personal blog for 4 years now where I publish my random reflections and travel experiences.

I also now have a baby travel blog.

The Latest Internet Scam for Writers

But just last month, published my first ever paid travel. Check whether is a scam or legitimate business with its trust rating, safe browsing status as well as https certificate and real users's reviews.

Once your website is ready, send it to Travelicious for validation. And as soon as they accept it, you’re good to go: start writing – or typing! I received my money on Paypal (40 AU $ = around 25€) even before I got published, so it’s not a scam.

Travelicious writing a check
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