Technological factors of nokia

Recent revenue figures indicate that Nokia is maintaining its market position but not growing. The companies have to follow the taxation policy, government stability and employment laws to follow them in the country, where they conduct their operation. They provide holiday offer for example in Chinese new year they reduce the price of Nokia provide in a drastic number.

External and Internal Environmental Analysis for Nokia

Staffs always need to ask and listen to customers during introducing; offering products or services without any complain and please the customers.

Nokia can put best efforts to operate globally in countries with high trend towards the cellular products. The regulations related to the production, import, export and the policies required to fulfill the requirements to set up an industrialized plant by overseas companies, effect Nokia strategies to expand business in different countries.

This mobile phone company exported its products in Europe, America and in Asia Pacific region. As they are adapting to generation there smartphone uses windows software and some smartphone also have dual sim card which is very new for the market competing with other company.

PESTLE analysis of Nokia

Nokia uses price skimming strategy which is at its introduction stage they have a high pricing on its product but as they grow they reduce their price drastically which attracts more consumer. It helps new customers to know about the advantages and disadvantages of that products and services.

Key technological development such as the internet have allowed firms such as Nokia to develop online business models which complement traditional bricks and mortar retail establishments. There are some practices which are against the law and companies cannot practice them and there are some practices which are not illegal by law but are considered unethical by public.

Nokia has many competitors in the phones markets; it used to be in the first place however it decreases from its position and left the competition to 2 big Companies such as Apple and Samsung.

MSF that has since fallen apart. Nokia should provide new design for store, website and product arrangement as well as maintaining them.

Reputation of a brand is predominately determined by the performance of its people, hence the overall performance of the firm. To its success, Nokia surveys its scope of limits in order to isolate prohibited actions, regulations and aid from the government so as to withstand the international trade.

The lowest levels of growth have been seen in [ GDP growth of 1. The company should take proper care at the time of disposing of its old handsets or the used products so that they can ensure safety and protection of the atmosphere.

Technological Factors

Hence companies engaging in They need to introduce new technological developments in the handset like online gambling, MP3 players and high definition TVs. The development of open sourced operating systems such as Android and the invention of apps radically changed the mobile phone market.

As Nokia have manufacturing plants in a various countries it is extremely important that they abide by the laws and regulations set by the different countries as the laws will differ depending on the country, these can be employments laws, Health and Safety or even trade restrictions.

They hugely effect both the country and company operations. Nokia module is also built strongly, have strong resistible power. This is what happened to mobile phone producers Research in Motion RIM, the makers of the BlackBerry and Nokia, who were slow to embrace smartphone technologies.

As the figures have been shown, there is a significant decrease over the last 6 years in market shares of Nokia. By exploiting opportunities to update or alter their production an organization can gain market share, thereby attaining a strong competitive advantage.

This is a realistic target that which can be achieved by performing of carrying out these marketing strategies. This can both help and hurt the company because it is not associated with a major power, but it might lack the political clout of American- or Chinese-based rivals.External Factors The external environment consists of technological, legal, social, economic and political factors.

Political Factors: Since Nokia is a global provider of mobile phones across different countries changes in government policy or laws of export can have an impact on company's sales. Technological Factors in Business: Definition & Concept.

Technological change is advancement in the 'art' of making products or in the development of processes. Technological change can be. Jun 05,  · This model looks at the Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental factors relating to Nokia and the industry they operate in.

To understand the macro environment more this article will study each section in fresh-air-purifiers.coms: 3.

Technological Factors Affecting Nokia The technological challenges affecting Nokia are at the root of the social factors limiting its business.

The development of open sourced operating systems such as Android and the invention of. Technological Factors Of Nokia. Technological factors can lower barriers to entry, reduce minimum efficient production levels, and influence outsourcing decisions. Some technological factors include: * R&D activity * automation * technology incentives * rate of technological change Environmental factors: environmental factors include the.

This example may show how Nokia encountered with technological environment and made effort to adapt that challenge. Technical, Political, and Social" factors. PESTEL analysis is a simple and effective tool used in situation analysis to identify the key external (macro environment level) forces that might affect an organization.

These forces.

Technological factors of nokia
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