Stakeholders of alton tower

Their other Stakeholders of alton tower are to make money by selling Alton Towers good value products, but on a whole this helps their situation and publicity as a business as many people may see their name and become familiar with it thus making them more popular and may end up resulting in more business.

Customers- are stakeholders in Alton towers because they go to Alton Towers and it effects them in what rides they go on they will also be interested in products for sale prices and value for money and availability, how the business is ran effects how much they enjoy the park.

But there is more to come and I believe Merlin has a very promising future as a publicly listed company. This could happen if a ride goes wrong and injure the customer badly people will stop coming to the park.

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Internal and External Stakeholders of Alton Towers

The also means that they follow the DDA Disability Discrimination Act as they are not discriminating disabled people and they are making sure that they are not felt left out whilst they enjoy their day at Alton Towers. Which other companies offers perks?

Coach Companies are stakeholders to Alton Towers as they talk to managers to negotiate offer and deals, for up and coming trips for customers, they also negotiate deals for the coach drivers.

Directors are stakeholders to Alton Towers as they make all the vital decisions to build new rides, or sack staff ect. Alton Towers parenting company is a stakeholder as it funds money for new rides and are also interested on how well the park is doing, they also want the park to make as much money as possible.

For most people - occasional visitors of Merlin - the discount is unlikely to be worth it for the money they save versus the risk they would be taking.

Stakeholders of Alton-Towers.

Customers become investors, usually in return for income paid in cash as well as some other perks more on this below. Search Internal and External Stakeholders Employees: Merlin Entertainments states preference for London listing 27 Mar "I have been impressed by the significant growth that Merlin has delivered as a private company.

Alton Towers are environmentally responsible as they have environmental teams who monitor activities, a traffic management team who help improve congestion around the local villages and they are constantly expanding their recycling abilities.

The organisation is responsible for the quality of service that it supplies to customers and to the staff. It is normally the manager they would complain to. This is just in case anybody has had any little accidents. This is because what happens in the park will bring more people to the area if doing well but if not doing well and Alton Towers goes bankrupt the all there smaller businesses go bankrupt as well.

There are many types of products and services that are provided for the public, these include: The company also provide litter pickers for the local communities to help maintain the appearance of the surrounding areas.

Their fore they have a high level of interest in the business. An example of this is if the park has a poor relationship with its financial public then they might cut necessary funding for materials.

Internal and External Stakeholders

Managers- there interests would be more in the money side of the business also the pay there pensions and hours they work. This is because they are interested in the problems in and around the business.

For instance, Hotel Chocolat gives out a box of chocolates every two months to bondholders, while John Lewis offered vouchers to those who bought its bonds in as part of the income. It is mainly for award evenings, small meetings and large resident meetings.

30pc off at Alton Towers: Is Merlin offering a shareholder perk worth taking?

The Hilton is responsible for providing an annual report, as it gives information to the share-holders. Hilton Hotel is environmentally and ethically responsible as they have something called the Green Policy.

The company is a public limited company in which the public can buy shares of the business. They also write up contracts or terms and conditions to show their involvement within and around the park.

They are highly affected by the business this is because what happens effects there argument against issues at Alton Towers. All rooms sleep 4 guests and the hotels opened in Alton Towers Resort, often shortened to Alton Towers, is a theme park resort located in Staffordshire, England.

It is near the village of Alton, in the parishes of Denstone and Farley. The resort, which is operated by Merlin Entertainments Group, incorporates a theme park, water park, mini golf and hotel complex.

Alton Towers is a private sector company owned by Merlin entertainment, which owns almost attractions over a range of 22 countries. The company is a public limited company in which the public can buy shares of the business. Alton Towers have to be responsible to stakeholders, they provide local communities and their charities recieve around £50, worth of theme parks tickets each year.

Alton Towers also help charity fundraisers in ways too, they sponsor local football teams and sporting events, they donate raffle tickets prizes and they provide venues for.

So far, Alton Towers have demonstrated textbook issues response handling to last week's incident, but the outcome of the next few weeks is critical to its long-term reputational recovery.

Alton Towers is the UK’s “best” amusement park according to the Independent.

Alton Towers

With only five other major competitors, the market is relatively small however there’s numerous factors within the marketing environment which can affect how successful the business is. Student Information Pack GENERAL ALTON TOWERS RESORT QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS group of stakeholders Merlin will always be an exciting company to be involved with.

Stakeholders of Alton-Towers

Badge. Alton Towers Resort was voted the Best UK Theme Park in and and.

Stakeholders of alton tower
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