Should drugs be legalized be william bennett

Legalization will dramatically reduce crime. The argument that the author makes about increase drug use is irrelevant, people are going to use drugs regardless if it is illegal or not.

Legalize drugs and crime, murder, the prison population will decrease. A look at Prohibition of the s and 30s will demonstrate that the murder rate increased with the start of Prohibition, and remained there until it ended inthen the murder rate dropped for eleven consecutive years Ostrowski.

Legalize drugs and drug-related murder and crimes will diminish, the prison population will shrink, the inner cities will become safer to live, and then America will surely be the home of the free. Like any other war it has created its own industry.

Their most important belief is that without prohibition, drug use would drastically rise. In Police arrest 1. The truth is, People are going to use drugs regardless if it is illegal or not. How would this be wrong?

Illegal substances that one sees today were once synthesized and created by chemist such as LSD, ecstasy, methamphetamine, cocaine, and etc. Drug laws greatly increase the price of illegal drugs, forcing users to steal, kill, and rob to get the money to buy them.

Should drugs be legalized? Bennett attempts to puts a negative spin on exactly what needs to be done. Drug dealing will lose its appeal and cease to exist, addicts will no longer need to rob, steal, or murder to get their next fix; they will go to a clinic and get it for nothing.

Wait a minute; do not American tax-payers already pay for drug education and treatment? As one can see he refers to his own experiences, and claims that the problems that he sees with the legalization of drugs with his own eyes. Bennett also states that drugs hurt parents, destroy families, and ruin friendships Bennett Again pathos is at work here, because Bennett convinces the reader that drugs not only hurt the individual but everyone else around them.

Legalization will provide our government with an accurate picture of the influences that drugs have on the United States and give control to the people to overcome its negative social and economical effects.

Should drugs be legalized? Initially the reader should come into the essay with some regard or respect in what Bennett has to say because of his expertise. The moment that drugs are legalized and available at low or no cost, the demand for drugs will decrease dramatically.

Granted its going to get worse before it gets better, but the legalization of drugs will reduce crime, reduce the forbidden fruit dilemma, people wanting what they are not allowed to have, and allow the government to finally have a clear picture of actual drug use in the U.

Money is going to be spent on drug education, programs, and treatment regardless. My answer is yes it should. Crime involving firearms increased during Prohibition and went down for ten consecutive years afterward Ostrowski. The illegal drug trade would cease. Just by reading his brief bio in the intro paragraph the reader can see that Bennett has expertise in the topic of drug policy.

Within the last 50 years, drug legalization has been a very hotly debated topic in the United States society. The fact is in the last ten or so years, drug use has not dropped even with increased federal spending on the drug war Ostrowski.

My answer is yes it should. Ed Janice Neulieb, et al. Legalization will take the profit out of drugs and generate revenue which will then be used to educate the public on the effects of drugs and treat those who are addicted.

It is estimated that at least forty percent of all property crime in the United States is committed by drug users so that they can maintain their addictions Ostrowski. This is very effective because even drug legalization advocates, or users that are reading this feel the issue is much more personal when family and friends are involved.

It is in my opinion that this war has created more jobs for Americans then any other. Works Cited Bennett, William. Moreover, in spite of all the seizures, drugs are still available to children in elementary school.

The question should be: Because of the war on drugs there are more prisons, judges, DEA agents, police, and drug treatment facilities; more jobs and more money for state government, police department and new prisons.Jan 31,  · Legalize drugs and drug-related murder and crimes will diminish, the prison population will shrink, the inner cities will become safer to live, and then America will surely be the home of the free.

Should drugs be legalized? My answer is yes it should. Works Cited. Bennett, William. “Should Drugs be Legalized?” The Mercury Reader.

William Bennett's "Drugs: Should Their Sale and Use Be Legalized" targets the general American public into understanding the societal importance of upholding the nations show more content I've seen them in hospitals across the country" (Bennett ).

Should all drugs be legal? #LegalizeDrugs. #CrackDownOnDrugs. Instead of treating drugs as a criminal issue, it should be treated as a health care issue.

Drugs Should Their Use and Sale Be Legalized

Millions of people use drugs for a variety of reasons. This means not everyone who wants drugs has access to drugs.

Bennett Assails Intellectuals on Legalized Drugs

If drugs were to be legalized and openly available, more people. Argument Against Legalization of Drugs William J.

Bennett, in "A Response to Milton Friedman," argues against the legalization of drugs, saying that such a policy would be a social, legal and moral "surrender" (52) to drugs and would do no good in reducing drug use or attendant criminal activity. Should Drugs Be Legalized? William Bennett Since I took command of the war on drugs, I have learned from former Secretary of State George Shultz that our concept of fighting drugs is “ flawed.

” The only thing to do, he says, is to “ make it possible for addicts to buy drugs at some regulated place.

Mar 19,  · Response to William Bennett’s “Should Drugs be Legalized?” Published on March 19, March 19, by Joseph Eulo I have always held the view that the U.S. War on Drugs was a war that could not be won.

Should drugs be legalized be william bennett
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