Role of teacher in maintaining discipline

The Role of The Teacher: Actually he is the administrator of the school, class, and management. Participate in co-curricular activities - religious, debating clubs, organized indoor and outdoor games, etc.

Teacher is also a part of the organisational set up of the school.

Maintaining Classroom Discipline

Provide a list of standards and consequences to parents and students. Visitors to the school must report to the Head-Teacher. Besides the teaching work he assists and helps the students in their studies and takes part in developing their personality. Control access to and use of the school compound.

Develop, in collaboration with learners, written classroom rules and sanctions. Accept responsibility for maintaining discipline and order within and outside of the school. If the event is a brief and minor disturbance that is unlikely to occur again, leave it be.

Keep your classroom orderly. Make sure they are consistent with district and building policy.

Screen all visitors to the school. Let the students know you care. The other person equivalent to the teacher is a social reformer. After deciding about the learner and the learning materials.

Do not touch an agitated or angry student. Adhere to the guidelines adumbrated in the Disciplinary Policy. Learning Situations 4 To arrange the learning situations and environment: Record what happened, when, where, who was involved, what you did, and who witnessed the incident.

You can only suggest the student remain seated so that he might explain to you what is wrong. What type of learning experiences learning material should be provided?

Keep learners, teachers and parents au fait with activities and decisions in relation to school discipline. The Role Of the Learner: Secure more information from the student on who, what, when, where and why.

Be involved in school activities. Learning Environment 5 Help in maintaining Discipline: End the action indirectly.

To answer these types of questions which belong to the area of curriculum one requires the knowledge of the characteristics of the learner.

Be fair, positive and consistent. Keep accurate misdemeanour records and always inform the Head Teacher of discipline problems.

At each stage of development, the teacher and laws of learning which comes in the context of educational psychology. School is also a mini society and as such he plays an important role and sows the seeds of secularism, fraternity, human values and health etc.

Educational psychology helps the teacher to understand the problems. Avoid arguing with students. Experiences of learning experience after knowing the child when the stage for ready for educating the child some questions comes in the way. Display impartial behaviour to all learners — regardless of ethnicity, religion, social or economic standing.

Respond to learners in a caring and respectful manner. Refrain from carrying, using or being in possession of any weapon, illegal drug or prohibited electronic device in the school or on the school compound. Establish partnership between home, school and community by encouraging active participation in the formulation and implementation of the Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Policy.Role Of Students In Maintaining Discipline In School.

Content The purpose of discipline is to help the individual to gain knowledge, habits, interests and ideals which conduce to the well being of him, his fellows and society as a whole. Besides that, discipline should be taught in school by teachers since young.

Giving discipline lessons to the teenagers is able to guide them proper.

male teachers were found to be less likely to use coercive strategies to discipline their classes. In a follow up study, Lewis et al.

Comprehensive Essay on the Role of a Teacher

() investigated the extent to which students of different nationalities perceive their teachers’ discipline strategies to be key players in. Discipline is providing an environment in which positive teaching and positive learning can occur simultaneously.

Discipline is not control from the outside; it's order from within. In conversations with teachers, I've discovered some practical and universal ideas. Teachers’ and teacher assistants’ working relationship: General responsibilities Inherent in the School Act and Special Education Policy, Procedures and Guidelines is the teacher’s responsibility for designing, implementing, and evaluating the educational program, and the teacher assistant’s role to assist teachers in this responsibility.

Researchers are of an opinion that teachers play a vital role in maintaining discipline and control within the school. According to Joubert &Prinsloo (), "educators are responsible to maintain discipline.

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1-IJHRM-Class Teachers Role in Maintaining Students Discipline - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

Indiscipline in secondary schools has been a national issue in Kenya. The head teachers have been blamed for incompetence disregarding other factors.

The paper addresses the role of class teachers as one of the stakeholders that could help.

Role of teacher in maintaining discipline
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