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In Natural England s view, the proposals within the business plan and the revised WRMP with regards to landscape and biodiversity are a significant improvement upon the previous water resource plan and accompanying Asset Management Period AMP 5 business plan. In addition, Natural England and the Environment Agency comment as follows: Currently the provision is for the Counters Creek pilot of 3 streets in AMP5 plus 18m for 20 hectares in Population growth The CCG has noted the effort being undertaken by the Company to produce a credible figure for the population of London, a capital city with a dynamic population pr14 business plan thames water pay and composition that is a magnet for national and international immigration.

The CCG itself and all the sub-groups were charged to explore issues that would significantly influence the Business Plan on which Thames Water s customers were to be consulted. The CCG would highlight the following issues where some concerns remain: Coupled with this are the more established challenges around customer affordability, water scarcity and diminishing efficiencies.

These have been developed using customer feedback and agreed with the independent Customer Engagement Forum and Ofwat. Thames Water defined four customer groups, which it used to ensure that samples for quantitative research were representative, not just of demographic information, but also of the variety of customers opinions and attitudes, and to recruit customers to qualitative research events such as focus groups to ensure the varying views of different segments were captured in its research.

The sub-groups all called upon the Company to present data, to engage closely in dialogue and to enter significantly into commercially confidential areas.

The proceedings of the Group have necessarily included the presentation of significant confidential and business-sensitive information and in signing a Confidentiality Agreement each member of the Group confirmed that such material was not to be shared with the bodies that members of the CCG represented.

The CCWater representatives contributed effectively to all meetings of the CCG and of its sub-groups, and the Group recognises the benefit that was derived from the experience and independent research that they could bring to our pr14 business plan thames water pay.

The Seldom Heard Customer research study was one example of good quality research that Thames Water conducted in response to challenges from the Customer Engagement sub-group. The paper sets out considerations that need to be taken into account when deciding whether to change the length of price controls or stagger control periods.

This guidance was delayed, arriving late in the business planning process. Thames Water has been very open in sharing such information even though the CCG has not been charged with examining this part of the business.

Customer Challenge Groups – PR14

The CCG continued to express its concern that such high and increasing bad debt levels were a burden on those customers who pay their bills and should be avoided wherever possible, with shareholders bearing at least part of the cost.

The Group also developed a broad appreciation of the work of the organisation Water Resources in South East England and the potential impact of EU Directives on water resources availability and treatment both in the PR14 period and beyond.

The CCG encouraged the Company to explore the increasing pressure on customers to manage their household budgets, particularly in the current economic climate, through substantial research into household finances, the economic downturn and what effect a bill increase would have on affordability.

Customers showed themselves to be well aware of this issue, and the CCG had to form an understanding of the implications for AMP6 if the whole or a part of the price increase was granted.

This Monday morning, the long lead-up was over. Predicted population figures being used by the Greater London Authority were at first significantly higher than those being used by Thames Water and there was concern over this discrepancy and how it might develop over the coming period.

Guidance from Ofwat has been provided to water companies as its thinking has developed over the past two years on the process for developing Plans focused on Outcomes, as opposed to Outputs.

It also championed the customer agenda, requiring water companies to set up customer challenge groups to provide their own assessments of business plans.

However, Thames Water has used the information provided by the Environment Agency to make an allowance for funding these uncertain obligations once they have been confirmed. As part of its Water programme, Ofwat has invited stakeholders to make representations about how these challenges are best tackled and to identify the issues associated with delivering changes that meet these challenges head on.

We will provide a safe and reliable water service that complies with all necessary standards and is available when our customers require it.

Comments from the environmental regulators on the Plan are appended to this Report, and the CCG is pleased to acknowledge the constant and positive participation of the Environment Agency, Natural England and the Drinking Water Inspectorate in the work of the Group.

Over 22 months of intensive work the CCG built its central programme so as to be able to respond quickly and in a well-informed manner to the milestones that were crucial to the Company s own working schedules, and took into account the dramatically shortened timescale due to the submission date for both the Company Business Plan and CCG Report having been brought forward by Ofwat.

If Ofwat cuts the assumed Wacc, as seems likely given its former comments, then it pass these savings passed on to customers, quite possibly significant cuts in real terms. Where measurement of performance is against Thames Water s own internal customer satisfaction scores - with reputational risk attached the CCG questions how performance would be measured and published.

This consultation with customers was overseen by an independent customer scrutiny group which submitted its views on the plan.

But whether that will be enough for the regulator remains to be seen. We are already working to refine the water resources management planning process and other regulatory incentives. The CCG had concerns during the customer consultation that the Company may not be giving adequate attention to the views of sewerage-only customers.

Average bill for the water only companies: The Business Plan has included a modest incentive component to encourage out-performance by Thames Water in this area Sewer flooding The CCG noted that the GLA are currently working with Thames Water to understand better the life expectancy of the sewerage infrastructure in line with predicted population increases and foreshadowed climatic change as failure in any part of the system could result in serious harm to customers and their property.

Reuse of waste water is preferred to massive capital expenditure on new resources such as reservoirs Leakage Customers favour much more robust treatment of leakage, which they consider to be the most important and obvious means of conserving water resources.

The one real change in the Water Bill is the introduction of competition for non-domestic customers — but even that is less than drastic. The Company has taken account of the fact that customers are satisfied that the Company s water and sewerage services are of good quality and affordable, that they do not wish to see any deterioration of service, but that they are keen not to pay more than is absolutely necessary for water and sewerage supplies.

In order that the CCG could fulfil its role, Thames Water has supplied an immense range of data including specific answer to over questions. The CCG considered that costs should be included to highlight the magnitude of the changes to plans.

The Group in fact encouraged and pressed the Company to liaise with the water-only companies that operate in its area to ensure that their research also took account of this future uplift in sewerage bills.

The Company presented a first draft of potential Outcomes to the CCG in July These comprised nine high-level Outcomes which were accompanied only by minimal detail.

Each water company submits a Business Plan BP for the period of the review which is assessed by Ofwat.Home» All but one water firm bows to tough PR14 deal. TITLE. All but one water firm bows to tough PR14 deal Topics discussed include agreement of Thames Water and United Utilities on draft determination from their business plan, South East Water as last water firm to accept the price control and rejection of Bristol Water for final.

DWI participates fully in the review in respect of the requirements in a company’s Business Plan for maintaining and/or improving drinking water quality. This is usually set up as a separate and additional requirement under capital investment to meet statutory obligations as required by the Regulations.

Water UK statement on water companies' PR14 business plans; Print Page.

Price Review 2014

Policy positions + briefings; Responses; Reports; Speeches; Newsletters; Guidance; Water UK statement on water companies' PR14 business plans. 2 December Water companies have listened to their hard-pressed customers over the last year and. Planning for the future.

Our Purpose. Our business plan, published in December describes our strategy for Find out more. Future Horizons (PCs) and Outcome Delivery Incentives (ODIs) was introduced at PR14 for the first time in a water industry price review.

This marked a significant change in approach from previous. Thames Water commissioned Economic Insight to develop a report setting out an assessment of the issues relevant to the design of the outcomes framework at PR Our report seeks to identify practical opportunities for building on the successes of the PR14 approach –and addresses a number of key questions.

Our Plan to Over towe invited you to Discover, Discuss and help Decide the best possible future for your local water and water recycling services.

In our biggest ever consultation, we heard from over 50, customers about our services and priorities for the future.

Pr14 business plan thames water pay
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