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This plant is my worst nuiusance. Neutral On Apr 2,aks wrote: But it will come back when times are good. Though I admit I have never tried seeding it as described. And yet, I have just returned from a garden shop selling pots of it.

In other words, it can sprout from leaves or pieces of them. I have tried Roundup and iron. I grew this plant years ago indoors in a small pot. I now leave this pot sitting in an inch of water in a soft sh Personally I love this plant, it gives a nice established look to new gardens by the way it will co That said it is a fairly attractive groundcover plant, or as a substitute for grass, if able to be contained.

It was beautiful and did very well. Many of the people attracted to writing an encyclopedia tend to enjoy mulling and deliberating on a variety of topics, and do not mind weighing in with their opinions when not asked.

I have since moved from this property, and do not know if further treatment with triclopyr would have helped. I bought it in Seattle, having no idea what it was or how to take care of it. Now I water every day. There is no information on how much sulfate of ammonia to mix in a 2 gallon sprayer. You should exercise caution and adhere to strict standards of civility when you attempt to enlighten a contentious discussion between editors.

I plan on bringing it in for the winter and transplanting some of it to other containers. Will look like it is gone, but come Spring it will reappear just a lush as ever.

Oh one last thing, an instructor I had for a ground cover course once, many many years ago told us that if you want to "seed" this plant over an area, just pull some up, chop it up with a razor blade, and sprinkle it over the area where you want it.

I have added peat moss to the sandy spots to help hold the moisture, which did seem to help some.

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I thought it looked beautiful. Ranks right up there with Oenothera, Pampas grass, Scotch broom and other plants that LOOK niche at first, but then the spread, and spread.

It might seem to die back. I was only watering it once a week like my other plants when it started to die I decied to water more often.

It basically likes shade. The thatch that is left will not come back. Came back every time. I;ve never see any larvae on it, though.

Does not handle traffic. The last couple of years they have been dying out. Not without destroying all of the plants I want to keep, anyway. But I will have a container of it in the garden.

It even grows over the top of mulch membrane. So it spreads everywhere and I am convinced that it has smothered some of my favourite prennnials.

There was no information with the plant when I got it so I had to experiment to see what it prefered and what it did not.

Plant is very hardy, it has survived our winters here even when the ground has snow and layers of ice on it. It almost died but I found that it likes lots of light and lots of water as well as a good misting.Jun 26,  · How to Grow Mind Your Own Business.

Mind Your Own Business is part of the nettle family and is known more scientifically as Soleirolia soleirolii and it's a vigorous creeping plant. It is ideal when planted as ground or wall cover and is covered with tiny green, silver or golden leaves, depending on the variety chosen%(8). These plants will have a lot more details displayed including an image.

Our Botanical team are working hard to increase the number of plants with detailed information. Search by. Mind-your-own-business, Soleirolia soleirolii, is a creeping perennial with tiny flowers and leaves.

The branching stems root as they spread, forming a dense mat of foliage that few plants can grow through. Synonym of Mind your own business: English Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia Mind your own business Translation. Dictionary. Thesaurus. Tools. Soleirolia soleirolii (, syn.

Helxine soleirolii) is a plant in the nettle family. It has a number of common names. Q The little plant mind-your-own-business is growing all over my large garden (the stuff is everywhere. A Soleirolia soleirolii, also known as mind-your-own-business or helxine, is extremely invasive.

Soleirolia soleirolii (/ s oʊ ˌ l iː ə ˈ r oʊ l i ə s oʊ ˌ l iː ə ˈ r oʊ l i ˌ aɪ, ˌ s oʊ l ɪ ˈ r oʊ-/, syn.

Synonym of Mind your own business

Helxine soleirolii) is a plant in the nettle family. It has a number of common names, including baby's tears, angel's tears, mind-your-own-business, peace-in-the-home, pollyanna vine, polly prim, mother of thousands, and the Corsican curse.

Mind your own business plant wikipedia
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