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Maccaig essay MacCaig describes the violent behaviour out on the streets of Brooklyn. He was a lifelong pacifist and during World War II served a term in prison for his beliefs. MacCaig uses interesting metaphors throughout this entire poem. Winter is a cold, bitter season.

This verse form follows a 4-line 4-stanza construction. The winter described is a cold. The first four paragraphs are about MacCaig building up to the visit t his wife and what he is thinking.

I felt very empathetic towards him because I also feel that when someone close to me is about to die. This verse form does non hold any rhyming in it. This poem uses strong figurative and literal language to create wonderful imagery, and appeals to the senses.

At the beginning of the poem the cop is made laughable through the comparison to a wild animal, but as the poem ends the reader begins to feel sympathy for him as his safety and the risk of losing his family is a daily fear.

This poem uses strong nonliteral and actual linguistic communication to make fantastic imagination. In his later years, with the passing of Maccaig essay and family, his poems became more elegiac — and often very moving — though he never lost his sharp eye.

Piercing through the variety meats.

Analysis of ”November Night, Edinburgh” by Norman MacCaig Essay Sample

The poem is about a cop who works in Brooklyn, New York which is known to be a rather violent society, thus making the job of a cop there even tougher than being a cop anywhere else. MacCaig was into his thirties before he published two books of poems.

In his obituary notice for The Independent 25 JanuaryCalder remarked: Piercing through the organs, pain coming every time he inhales.

He made his living as a primary-school teacher. It provides an image suggesting more brawn than brains. There is no line where he has stated anything optimistic about this acrimonious winter.

This verse form had a batch of nonliteral and actual linguistic communication. But, this metaphor also has a literal meaning. The poem had a profound impact on me. It oozes affection and shows the love he has for his wife.

MacCaig and Edwin Morgan - Sample Essay

It also helps to clarify violence can erupt at any moment and the cop has to be on a constant state of alert. He could be homeless, no heating in his house, or no jackets to insulate heat. Roderick Watson again has an apt summing-up: The cotton wool stated in the line are the clouds in the air.

This is simile is creates imagery, feeling the pain as the sharp, dead leaves in your lungs, cause pain every time you breathe in and out.

This is used in an effective way to compare a cop with a gorilla which clearly sends across the message that the cop is big built, but he also adds a bit of humour in this part of the poem — making out that the cop is tougher than a gorilla.

More essays like this: I feel that being strong for someone is very important in this poem and he shows this throughout.

The cotton wool stated in the line are the clouds in the air, while the brown fuzz is the pollution. A bear hibernates in his den, just like how we retreat to the warmth of our own house.

Whatever his own views on the matter might have been, he is now considered a major writer.

Brooklyn Cop by Norman MacCaig Essay

It is when we retreat to the comfort of our homes, where the warmth heats our bodies. His second collection in was well received; he published five more in the s. From the poem I can sense that Norman MacCaig is speaking through his emotions and by writing the poem he is aiming to release some of his emotional pain.

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Visiting Hour by Norman MacCaig Essay

I have chosen to write about the poem ‘Visiting Hour’ by Norman MacCaig. The poem is about a hospital visit to someone close to his heart. MacCaig uses interesting metaphors throughout this full verse form.

One metaphor is “I gulp down winter altogether. ” (stanza 2. line 1) This is a strong metaphor. as it creates that this winter is barbarous and agonising. The Maccaig essay "Visiting Hour" by Norman Maccaig is a very emotional one.

The poet helps you to understand the situation and his feelings by the use imagery and word choice. suggests that the poet is thinking about the possibility of death and thinking about life after death. I think that the poet has. Critical Essay Aunt Julia By Norman MacCaig Norman MacCaig is a Scottish poet.

I have recently read a poem of his called Aunt Julia. It is a poem that creates a mood of reflection and communicates very strong feeling. MacCaig and Edwin Morgan - Sample Essay Violence And Crime In Society Is An Important Issue And Many Poets Deal With It In Their Own Poems.

Choose Two Scottish Poems Which Explore This Issue And Examine The Techniques The Poets Use To Do So Violence and crime is a big issue nowadays which can happen to anyone, anywhere.

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