Impact of culture on marketing

Mack studied philosophy and economics at the University of Memphis. Symbols and Symbolism Symbols in relation to cultural influences refers to language, both spoken and unspoken.

For example, a retail business targeting teenagers might benefit from the services of a marketing Impact of culture on marketing that specializes in street promotions aimed at young people.

This could affect the way a marketing strategy is perceived. The Terpstra and Sarathy Cultural Framework helps marketing managers to assess the cultural nature of an international market. Culture could relate to a country national culturea distinct section of the community sub-cultureor an organization corporate culture.

In other countries, such as Japan, people tend to make purchasing decisions based on the welfare of a group, such as the family. Do you find the color, music or architecture relating to an experience pleasing? Rituals Rituals are patterns of behaviors that are learned and repeated.

For example, in countries with low literacy levels, advertisers would avoid communications which depended upon written copy, and would favour radio advertising with an audio message or visual media such as billboards. The organization needs to make sure that their products and services are not offensive, unlawful or distasteful to the local nation.

Rituals play an important role in how life events, such as births, marriages, graduations and funerals, are conducted in different cultures. In a low context culture spoken language carries the emphasis of the communication i.

Life is also full of smaller rituals such as watching a television show at a certain time or having dinner every Tuesday at your favorite restaurant. For example, what is the role of women in a society? It is widely accepted that you are not born with a culture, and that it is learned. Research the Culture Once you identify the cultural groups you wish to target, research their behavior, attitudes and buying habits.

View all posts by Tim Friesner Posted on. For example, the retail clothing store must stay abreast of fashion trends within the cultural group it wishes to attract, or it risks irrelevance.

So with a high context culture hidden cultural meaning needs to be considered, as does body language. Was an advert delivered in good taste? Visit successful competitors to learn how they monitor and capitalize on cultural shifts. Some countries, such as the United States, are more individualistic, with citizens making purchasing decisions based on personal preferences.

For example, a retail clothing store might target customers who have a particular sense of fashion. Therefore international marketing needs to take into account the local culture of the country in which you wish to market.

The ban included pictures of sausages that contained pork, and even advertising that included an animated cartoon pig.

Examples of a high context cultures include Japan and some Arabic nations. Segmentation Approach Sometimes the most effective marketing strategy is to target only those people who are likely to invest in your product or service.

Maximize the Impact Use the information you glean to design advertisements that match the cultural attitudes of your potential customers.

What Impact Does Culture Have on Market Strategy and Segmentation?

There may also be an issue when managing local employees. Whether or not there are strong trade unions will impact upon management decisions if you employ local workers.

Aesthetics Aesthetics relate to your senses, and the appreciation of the artistic nature of something, including its smell, taste or ambience. The labelling of products may also be an issue.

How is the country governed — centralized or devolved? Then, from a bikini-clad blonde, come the tag line: Also of key importance, do consumers actually buy material goods i.

Is everything relating to branding aesthetically pleasing?

International Marketing and Culture

So social mobility could be restricted where caste and class systems are in place. The campaign featured all the standard icons of Australia such as beaches, deserts, and coral reefs, as well as traditional symbols like the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

This would affect the way a marketer presents his message based on cultural thought processes. Values and Attitudes Values and attitudes vary between nations, and even vary within nations.

This is called marketing segmentation. In Finland school attendance is compulsory between the ages of 7 and 16, the first nine years of education primary and secondary school are compulsory, and the pupils go to their local school. InChina banned a Nike television commercial showing U.

How quickly does innovation diffuse?Jun 27,  · 1 What Impact Does Culture Have on Market The way this plays out in marketing strategies is that ads focused on individuals do better in individualistic countries while.

Read the latest articles of Journal of Business Research at, Elsevier’s leading platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literature. When does culture influence consumer purchasing decisions?

Cultural Influences on Marketing Strategies

This is a complex and under-examined issue recently explored by Donnel Briley of the University of Sydney and Jennifer Aaker, the General Atlantic Professor of Marketing at Stanford GSB. Impact of culture on marketing of health services – Elekta in Brazil.

making cultural dimensions a central issue in international marketing. Culture is particularly important when deciding how services are to be presented to the local market.

it explores the impact of culture on the international marketing of services, (2) it analyzes. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Impact of Culture on International Marketing | Culture is the totality of our life style & personality. At a glance is can be said that, culture is that what we are i.

Many businesses concentrate their marketing efforts on one of several segments of a culture. Large businesses might have the funds to engage several cultural groups independently with separate.

Impact of culture on marketing
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