Honors integrated world studies midterm review

In your opinion, which do you think was the most effective? Women proposed to the supreme court about their obligations to be equal with men 2. Popular sovereignty sough to let the residents of Kansas-Nebraska areas determine their own laws on slavery through elections the raid on Harpers ferry was intended to be the first step in sparking a general slave uprising many southerners supported the compromise of because it provided for the return of fugitive slaves ch 5 the united states policy toward the native American changed dramatically with the passage in of the Dawes act, which?

Farmers All of the following were central to the life and culture of the Honors integrated world studies midterm review Indians in the s except?

The election of William Mckinley 19th century supporters of assimilation attempted to teach Native American children? The connection of these industries with politics explains the power of the boss and the machine. The women wanted to pursue court cases with the 14th Amendment because women were considered citizens too.

Nature existed to be tamed and conquered The Homestead Act provided? Weaken tribes, give land to individual Indians, and promote assimilation Which of the following marked the collapse of Populism?

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Higher prices for farm products The Populist Party was founded by? DuBois was known for advocating rapid movement toward integration which of the following accounted for the greatest number of children not being able to attend public high school?

With the help of the largest government subsidies ever granted After the Civil War, the West favored the issue of greenbacks because? Douglas argued in his free port doctrine during the Lincoln-douglas debates that action by territorial legislatures could keep slavery out of the territories which necessitated the greatest economic readjustment in the south after the war emancipation of slaves the emancipation proclamation?

A movement to encourage the Indians to learn the ways of white society According to the new view of the environment that was developing in the late 19th century? Social reform From which of the following countries would an immigrant be less welcomed after arriving in the United States Italy Which of the following issues prompted assassination of President Garfield?

Arthur have in common? The women suffrage leaders wanted to add another Amendment to the constitution giving women the right to vote. Permanent homes and villages Which of the following occurred last?

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They worked for reform Which of the following population trends occurred in the United States from to Faster rate of growth for the cities than for the general population An immigrant who went through Ellis Island was least likely to have come from Asia Which president changed his ideas on civil service reform when he gained the presidency?

Hayes, and Chester A. Hayes where was the debt peonage used to provide a source of labor? Gave federal land to the states to help financial agricultural colleges Sand Creek and Wounded Knee are famous for being the sites of?

Existing city government structures were so disorganized and chaotic Tammany Hall was the name of The New York City political machine Immigrants of Ellis Island were required to be all of the following except English-speaking Who used the power of the presidency to clean up the New York Customs House but was unable to get legislative support for civil service reform Rutherford B.Honors World History Midterm Review Your midterm will be given in four sections: multiple-choice (50 items), matching (25 items), mini DBQ (2 documents), and reading skills (1 reading with questions).

Each section will be timed, you will. WW-P High Schools» HSS Depts» Mathematics» Mrs.

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Pica» Algebra/Trig» Cumulative Test (Midterm) Review and answer keys Cumulative Test (Midterm) Review and answer keys Subscribe. Study Flashcards On Ninth Grade World History Semester Test Review at fresh-air-purifiers.com Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more.

fresh-air-purifiers.com makes it easy to get the grade you want!/5(1). Social Studies Midterm Review Sheet. 10R. Exam Dates: Essay – Jan 11; Multiple Choice – Jan To prepare for this very important exam, please write as much detail as possible when you identify, describe or define these words.

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Honors integrated world studies midterm review
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