Employees are more important than customers

Show a side of you that makes you relatable and easy to talk to. Build relationships with employees After receiving several responses to his previous article, 10 Reasons to Stay at a Job for 10 or More YearsDavid K.

Employees Are Your Most Important Customers: Three Ways You Can Help Them Help You

Companies Should Put Employees First The Virgin founder shares how making employees the top priority can bring benefits for both customers and investors.

But wait, the news gets even more disheartening. So you better make sure they understand it and are emotionally connected to it!

This is about what you do with those platforms. They get better results.

As they say, a happy employee makes a happy customer. We have a lot of work to do to properly engage our people before we can rely on them to help us win customers for life.

The numbers only continue to reinforce the obvious; employee engagement is the foundation for leadership and business success.

They can be most effective at bringing your vision and strategy to life in a fun, emotive way that will help your people come to their own conclusions about why it makes sense.

How can we communicate in ways that are relevant and motivating to them? This is a guest post by Ben Schmitt from Skykit.

Where is there room to improve? Download the report here. Southwest Airlines is a wonderful study in employee experience leading the way for customer experience creating both loyal employees and customers.

Get on board with the fact that employees are your most important customers Sure, they may not be your main target in terms of who is buying your products and services.

To make sure his employees are well taken care of, the founder even goes so far as to collect feedback by walking around the cabin and talking directly to the staff during his Virgin flights.

That data is available here. The 50,foot view in the latest strategy slide presentation was most likely written by someone really high level, removed from the everyday inner workings of your business, in a language that is probably as inaccessible as quantum physics to your people.

Great managers emphasize employee experience. Employees are, in fact, who you should focus on most. Spend quality time with your employees so they can know that you are on their side. Too much sunlight, or too little. If you can view the employee experience in the light of a customer experience — service, support, and value — you will be on your way to improving employee morale and engagement.

Managers play a key role in making this happen, as they are the link between leadership and the front line.

3 Reasons Your Employees Are Your Most Important Customers

It shows them that you respect their opinions and want the best for them.The Virgin founder shares how making employees the top priority can bring benefits for both customers and investors. Richard Branson: Companies Should Put Employees First Create Your Company Profile.

The main difference though, was in the way the latter group of employees served clients: with energy, passion and commitment to the customers well-being. And of course, in the growth of the business and subsequent profitability.

Why Employees Are More Important Than Clients Workers who feel truly cared for are the key to creating a business that can grow quickly. By Gary Vaynerchuk CEO of VaynerMedia @ garyvee. Dec 14,  · One can argue that customers are more important than employees because without revenue, no business, even a non-profit (Charities have 3 months funding in reserve), will survive.

A VC-funded. Employees are more important than customers The importance of employees extends far beyond the mere ability to meet the needs of a customer. As such, the view that employees are more important than customers is highly viable and supported. Aug 17,  · Q: Should I put more emphasis on hiring employees or growing my social media presence?

Employees are the foundation .

Employees are more important than customers
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