An introduction to the history of the spanish american war

Reacting to interest by Russia and possibly Great Britain in the fur-bearing animals of the Pacific coast, Spain created a series of Catholic missions, accompanied by troops and ranches, along the southern and central coast of California.

But politicians and businessmen in the U. From —, the violent conflict in Cuba captured the attention of Americans because of the economic and political instability that it produced in a region within such close geographical proximity to the United States.

While the Spanish American was eventually incepted as a result of the sinking of the USS Maine, it must be considered that ties between the two nations had been growing hostile for quite a considerable period of time before the sinking.

History of Hispanic and Latino Americans in the United States

The Spaniards conjectured that these places may be one and the same. Massacres, prison camps, unkind words, pretty much every bad thing you could do. Although a peace protocol was signed by the two belligerents on August 12, Commodore Dewey and Maj.

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which ended the war, is still in force today.

An Introduction to the Spanish American War of 1898

Confident of Spanish claims to all lands touching the Pacific Ocean including CaliforniaSpain simply sent an occasional exploring party sailing along the California coast. As Theodore Roosevelt told a friend in"I should welcome almost any war, for I think this country needs one.

Spanish-American War

Because was a pivotal moment in American history. Bonifacio was succeeded as head of the Philippine revolution by Emilio Aguinaldo y Famywho had his predecessor arrested and executed on May 10, America, on the other hand, was spoiling for a fight. And Puerto Rico and the Philippines were annexed by the U.

The city surrendered after a crushing naval defeat. Navy cruisers and gunboats into Manila Bay before dawn. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Retrieved September 12, from Encyclopedia.

Photographic History of the Spanish American Warp. More often than not, moreover, these wars have come to a grudging end as a result of the signing of various treatises and agreements based on propagating lasting peace between the number of parties involved in the particular war.

So, why should we spend any more time on this topic? She has proclaimed that hostilities have commenced, and that the two nations are at war. Wesley Merritt, leader of the army troops, assaulted Manila the very next day, unaware that peace had been declared.

The Spanish-American War

Five days later, Spain declared war on the United States. Go, go American imperialism! This situation is probably due in part to the overshadowing of the U. By much of this empire had fallen into other hands and in that year, Spain acknowledged the independence of its possessions in the present-day United States then under Mexican control and south to the tip of South America.

On January 25,an explosion tore open the hull of the Maine and sank the vessel. Events moved swiftly after the explosion aboard the U. The war officially ended four months later, when the U. So, we stuck our big Uncle Sam nose into it and supported Cuban independence, leading to the Spanish-American War of Not only was a new century approaching, but the nation, in intervening in the Cuban revolutionary struggle against Spain, was embarking on a new global mission: McKinley responded by implementing a naval blockade of Cuba on April 22 and issued a call formilitary volunteers the following day.

It was independent from Spain, but guess what? The battleship was sent to Havana during the first month of the yearone of the prime factors for this initiative on the part of the US navy being to protect American interests within and during the long-standing revolt of the Cubans against the Spanish government.An Introduction to the Spanish American War of The sparking of warfare between two or more parties that tend to clash with each other upon the pretext of a particular contention in possible concern to racial, political or national ideological is something that the world has experienced frequently over the course of written history.4/4(1).

The Spanish-American War, The Spanish-American War of ended Spain’s colonial empire in the Western Hemisphere and secured the position of the United States as a Pacific power. The Spanish-American war was also a significant period in Cuban history.


You'd never know it from the title, but this war was fought in Cuba alongside thousands of Cuban freedom fighters.

You'd never know it from the title, but this war was fought in Cuba alongside thousands of Cuban freedom fighters. The Spanish-American war was a conflict between America and Spain in effectively due to the intervention of US in the ongoing Cuban War of Independence. United States was attacked Pacific possessions of Spain led to the involvement in the case of Philippine Revolution as well as to Philippine- American war.

Frequently, they confuse it with the Texas Revolution (), the Spanish-American War (), or the border skirmishes with Mexican Revolutionaries that took place between and This situation is probably due in part to the overshadowing of the U.S.-Mexican War by the American Civil War, a much larger and more protracted conflict.

Introduction to the Spanish-American War (). The American Revolution established the United States as an independent nation. A little over a century later, the Spanish-American War established it as a major world power.

The conflict lasted four months in the summer ofand ended in a resounding American victory.

An introduction to the history of the spanish american war
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