A discussion on whether cheerleading is a sport

Included among them is some of their own, like Texas coach Jeff Dieta. Not even early registration to schedule classes around practices.

I think that cheerleading is not a sport because I think it is a hobby that someone gets into. At one end of the argument are coaches like Vehling, who points to the gruesome injuries, the long hours, the agonizing training and those ultra-intense competitions as proof that cheerleading is much more than a stage for the prettiest girls on campus to flash their bloomers.

So if you say we shake our butts for 2 and a half minutes, we also lift lb people, tumble, dance, memorize counts, fly, jump in the air as high as we can, we are flexible and we can do so much more than shake our butts. Each has its own training camps, clinics and competitions and profit largely on the sale of uniforms, workout clothing and equipment.

Before Orangemen gave fans something to cheer about in the NCAA Tournament tiele game a year ago, the cheerleaders were the main attraction. Gymnastics is a sport, no one can argue that.

Once she was in the hospital, she needed a respirator to breathe. And gymnastics is a part of every good cheerleading routine. Bush has been blowing hot air to anyone who would listen since his prep days at Phillip Andover.

And do everything you can to keep it stable," Bangaoil said, explaining a regimen that any sore-armed pitcher or gimpy-kneed offensive lineman might use. Most cheerleaders need jobs to support themselves, a rules violation for athletes of NCAA-sanctioned sports.

Gymnastics is a huge part of cheerleading. In July, the University of Maryland became the first Division I-A school to recognize competitive cheerleading as a varsity sport and count it toward the its Title IX requirements.

Today, competitive cheerleading is one of the fastest-growing activities in the country. Better than I ever expected," said Fleece, who sits in athletic department meetings alongside Gary Williams and Ralph Friedgen and even has her own recruiting budget.

Chess club is a after school thing too. I personally am a cheerleader. At junior high cheerleading competitions, I have seen many full twists, an extremely hard gymnastics skill. But by consulting with the OCR and then splitting its cheerleading squad into two entities, the Terps were able to circumvent the edict.

And not slow dances at all, they are extremely fast and difficult. It receives the same benefits that are afforded to any other student-athlete, including scholarships, academic advisors, strength coaches, on-site trainers, locker rooms and media training.

The move is one that drew praise from some, but criticism from others. She thinks cheerleading should be abolished. I want to hear your side about what all star cheerleaders do and what you think about makeup and rules and exercise.Competitive cheerleading is a sport. It is a physical activity that is governed by rules under which a winner can be declared and its primary purpose is to compare the skills of participants.

Whether cheerleading is a sport is often a topic that usually ends up in arguments. Competitive cheerleading follows the requirements of being classified as a sport, and is a sport.

Cheerleading is a sport because you compete against other squads and you also get judged and you have to work you`re butt off and you also sweat like crazy, and that is what a sport is.

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Cheerleading is a sport

¶9 This case requires us to determine the meaning of the term “physical contact” in Wis. Stat.

§ (4m) and whether cheerleading is a contact sport within the meaning of the statute, a question of statutory interpretation subject to de novo review. Dec 21,  · Cheerleading grows up Modern cheerleading goes beyond the sidelines.

In fact, a new breed of cheerleading, STUNT, has been created as part of the NCAA's Emerging Sport initiative.

A discussion on whether cheerleading is a sport
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